Orlando Counseling

Talking to a professional counselor who is objective, considerate, understanding, and respectful might be just what you need. I invite you to browse through these pages to gain more information or to help you decide on counseling in the Orlando area.

Maybe the idea of counseling is a bit scary, but have you ever...

  • Gone to someone else for a second opinion or advice?
  • Wished you could learn from your mistakes so as not to repeat them?
  • Wanted to share your sorrow with someone who would really listen?
  • Needed a boost to get out of a slump?

We all need a little help now and then to get past life's obstacles and overcome challenges. When you are ready, call me. When you do, you will be talking directly to me, a licensed counselor and therapist who cares about helping you. I will listen to your situation and together, we will decide what steps we will take to get help for you or those you care about.

Counseling Benefits

. Some of the many benefits are:

  • More Satisfying Relationships
  • Healing from a Painful Past
  • Reduced Stress
  • Personal Growth
  • Discover New Options and Choices
  • Create Balance in Your Life
  • Enhanced Productivity
  • Improve People Skills
  • Improve Physical Health
  • Spiritual Growth


There is Hope...

Through individual counseling or coaching, you can become the person you want to be.

Through couples, relationship, marriage counseling, or family therapy, you can unite to build special bonds of trust and encouragement.

Parents are important! It is a tough job raising children. With a little help from a therapist who specializes in parent child relationships, you can help build a successful future for your child.

Serving your needs is my priority. We offer two Orlando counseling locations, one in Winter Park and the second office for counseling and therapy in Altamote Springs for your convenience. For more information or to schedule an appointment please call 321.356.5115.